AAG! The Golf Course, on FIRE!

A.A.G (Association of Amateur Golfers); a one of its kind unique kinship is a fraternity of golfers, of varied age groups and from diverse walks of life with one thing in common: an acute fervour for the game of golf. AAG came about 5 years ago. Nitin Thukral, one of the 5 co founders shares with us the interesting story of its inception. The story goes that when Nitin started playing golf at the TERI Golf Course and Driving Range, 7 years ago, he met a few likeminded people, who were as passionate about the sport as he was, and had begun playing about the same time. And that’s how AAG was born! The original group of 5 golfers; Nitin Thukral, Bobby Kochar, Garry Singh, Aman Gulleria and Ashok Singh, till date stand together in brotherhood and hold together the spirit and essence of AAG. In due course, AAG opened its doors to include more people to the family. This group of later-to-be inseparable friends was keen to play competitive golf in order to keep the interest in the game alive and crisp. Today, as many as 20 golfers and their families are a part of the AAG family. And are rather proud of the camaraderie they share! One, which over time, has extended beyond the golf course, and has seamlessly unfurled into an extremely close knit communion. The members and their families now take both pride and comfort in being each other’s support system. Their common interest in the game and brotherhood at the course has fostered friendships of a lifetime!


On the fairway too, what started off informally has gradually transitioned into a much larger platform, formed to play competitive golf.  The members meet at fortnightly, 3 months and 6 month intervals to play tournaments.

These tournaments are held 4-6 times every quarter. Everyone maintains a score card and the winner of the 1st and 2nd position are given rotating trophies. The zesty group plays at different courses namely Golden Greens Golf Club, Karma Land Golf Club, Qutab Golf Course, Tarudan Golf Course, ITC Classic Golf Course and BSF Golf Course, near Najafgarh, Delhi. All of these are 9-18 hole golf courses.


In order to keep the freshness intact, and sense of ownership alive among all, the organisers of these tournaments and activities are rotated every quarter. The AAG members comprise players who are otherwise from diverse professional backgrounds; pilots, corporate trainers, entrepreneurs and senior corporate professionals.


When asked if they are open to inducting more people to the family, we hear a pleasant matter of fact “of(f) course”. On course (pun intended), however, the new inductees will have to exhibit and pass the test of passion for the sport and integrity for blending into the tight knit family, we learn. The new joinees, therefore have to play for 3-6 months with different members for a collective assessment of fitment at all 3 levels, something decided unanimously by these comrades-in-clubs.