Our woman of wonder, Mita Bhan, is an exceptionally empathetic soul; an established psychic tarot reader and a holistic healer, who has made it her life’s purpose to alleviate all living beings of their misery and pain.

An alternative healer since 2001, Mita entered the field of professional tarot reading in 2003. Since then she has delved deep into energy healing, has been a life coach to many, helping them deal with issues, both professional and personal. Every now and then, she also holds workshops on meditation.


Further to this and as a journey of self discovery, she began writing 9 years ago. Till date, she has written for Yahoo, MSN and has been a forecaster for Radio City.

Just when we were totally flabbergasted by her solicitous persona, Mita amazed us further by sharing how she has really used her knowledge of energy sciences to also become a channel of communication for animals. Mita heals these silent creations of God too. Infact we learn from her that animals receive healing faster and easier as compared to humans because of their sensitive nature. A genuine animal lover and a gifted healer, Mita has been channeling extra ordinary distance healing to these living creatures,that we share our habitat with., Mita says, “Animals teach you to live in the present moment”. A hundred percent of her fee from healing humans goes to the welfare of animals.

She, till date, has rescued and healed camels in Jabalpur, elephants in Meerut, wild monkeys that were nearly electrocuted, horses and also cats. “Healing horses, infact, is divine love. Horses are very evolved souls and communicate very well”, informs Mita.

Infact, Mita does a lot of work for cats and helps find what she calls ‘fur’ever homes for them.

For her, life is a “dedication to healing”. Reading energies of people and healing them full time, and in spare time assuaging animals, is what Mita has made her mission in life. “This is the very least I can do”, says a very modest Mita.

She has definitely passed on these sensitivities to her son, who loves to foster the kittens at home, and often visits animal shelters and NGOs, with his mother, to feed animals and sterlize them.

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“We are the generation that has caused the maximum destruction; we must consciously and consistently educate the younger lot to protect the environment and be kind to animals. The task of repairing the damage we have made to the planet is upon nobody but us”, Mita encapsulates the truth and how!

Her definition of success is plain yet profound; True success for her is not just going up the ladder, but who all you take along with you as you rise to the top. “The universe gives back when you set out to do good”. She shares rather candidly how she has had several experiences where her revenue inflow increased when she made a pure cause to give money towards care giving of animals.  Healing for her was an inner calling, something that came naturally to her. Tarot is her passion. “Helping others makes life meaningful and fulfilling”, says a radiant and contented Mita. According to her the real (and unsung) heroes are the NGOs who dedicate so much time to care giving for animals.


Mita has provided us with a list of emergency contact numbers for various animals and birds (and we can’t thank her enough for that). Now, all you wonderful people of Delhi-NCR can do your bit to help the silent creations of God.



24-hour Bird Rescue Helplines:

If you spot an injured bird-Kites, Eagle, Owl, Crow, Pigeon etc.,contact :

  • Wildlife Rescue (Chawri Bazaar, Old Delhi)-98100-29698, 98101-29698, 98106-39698
  • Angel Eyes (Prasad Nagar, Delhi)-Small animals & Birds Ambulance-9999-4111-93
  • Fauna Police (Sarojini Nagar,  Delhi) – 9212-11111-6

Wildlife-rescue related:

  • Police 100;  Fire: 101: Police and Fire Rescue Service also direct wildlife related calls to respective NGOs.
  • Wildlife Rescue (For Kites/Eagles and other non-vegetarian birds; located at  Old Delhi): 98100 29698
  • Wildlife SOS (For all wildlife Located at Defence Colony in South Delhi): 98719 63535; 011- 2462 1939, 2464 4231

Street Animals:

  • Friendicoes (Under Defence Colony flyover, South Delhi): 24 hour Ambulance Service: 98733 02580; 011-24314787, 24320707, 24320303
  • Cure and Care Animal Help Foundation, Tilangpur Kotla ABC Unit, North West Delhi, near Najafgarh: 98119 83231
  • Animal India Trust (Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi): Dr. Devi: 93138 84347, 98112 52592; 011-5566 9924
  • Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (Raja Garden, West Delhi): 93122 11134, 011-2544 7751, 2544 8062
  • Sonadi Charitable Trust (Najafgarh): Mrs. Sen (C.R Park): 011- 26275216, 92121 31218;  Simran – 2653-4210, 2653-4260; Najafgarh Hospital – 011  2532 1393; Dr. Vijay (Clinic at Ramesh Nagar, West Delhi): 98100 54693; Dr. Inder (Vet): 98103 46793
  • Jeevan Jyoti Hospital (Poothkalan, North West Delhi):Dr.Chehel: 98102 91832; Paramedic Sahib Singh: 98185 91832
  • Jeevashram (Rajokri, Near Gurgaon): Dr. Vinod Sharma: 99990 88998; 011-2506 3696, 2506 4114, 2506 4118
  • PAWS (Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, South Delhi): Dr. R.T Sharma: 98100 36254; 011 2689 5737
  • People for Animals -PFA Delhi Headquarters, Delhi: 011-2335 5883, 2335 7088, 2335 9241

For Cows:

  • Choudhary Mohinder Singh Tokas (operates from Munirka): 98103 94051
  • Love for Cows: 98184 34399
  • Just be Friendly (JBF India: Kotla Mubarakpur, Delhi): Dr. Shashanka: 011-2469 1181, 98182 41962

NCR (Gurgaon,  Faridabad, Ghaziabad,  Noida)

  • PFA Faridabad (Sector 55, Faridabad) :Mr. Ravi Dubey:92139 61501; 92501 26550
  • PFA Haryana: 98130 10595
  • PFA Sadhrana, Gurgaon: Ph. 0124 – 2276502, 98188 38628; Dr. Pandey : 93122 89628
  • SPCA Noida: AMBULANCE:99993 52343, ANIMAL CARE :99999 29204, 98180 85256; Shampa Dasgupta: 98112 33956
  • PFA (People for Animals) Raj Nagar extn, near Nandi park, Ghaziabad, Ms. Sumeidha Iyer, Ph.:9910821629,9212548047
  • PFA Ghaziabad: Mrs. Ashima Sunil Swaminathan (nee Ashima Sharma), Ph. 98109 23679, 0120- 4122100, 93120 68152