‘The Million Dollar Kick’, a one-of-its-kind talent hunt taking place across India to identify aspirants with the potential to be future NFL (National Football League) kickers is a great initiative curated by the creators of the Million Dollar Arm. The initiative is intended to provide an impetus for Indians aged 16 or above to try out for the opportunity for a trial with top NFL teams to join their roster as an ‘NFL Kicker’. The idea is to scout for football talent from Kolkata, a city which has a rich legacy in the sport and has produced some of the finest players in India.

Million Dollar Kick Kolkata

Just like the Million Dollar Arm’s worldwide recognition and success where an unimaginable cross-link between cricket and baseball was drawn; The Million Dollar arm initiative was conducted in India to find talent for Major League Baseball where Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel ended up playing for the Pittsburg Pirates in the MLB. This went to become a global story with a Hollywood movie being made on the same by Disney.


“Kolkata is the most football frenzied city in India, we can spot a football match happening in each and every corner of the city, I am really looking forward to the two-day leg of the Million Dollar Kick here and witnessing some cut throat competition amongst the participants as they try their luck to qualify for the NFL tryouts.” said Neeraj Sareen, a young turk, and the man behind  Sports Mantra and Million Dollar Kick.


The event culminates in Delhi on the 10th and 11th of February where the top qualifiers from each city get to take part in the All India finals of Million Dollar Kick. All the finalists will enroll in a training camp on the 10th followed by a final culmination of the event on the 11th. The highpoint is that top 5 to 10 kids will win an all-expense paid trip to USA, leading to trials with NFL teams and a possible NFL contract via participation in the draft. The qualifiers are taking place in several cities across the country where brilliant prospects have been scouted.