Event Details

March 4 & 5 | 7:00 pm | In the Name of the Bully (English/60 minutes)

The Players presents ‘In the Name of the Bully’ as a part of the Old World Collegiate Theatre Festival at 7.00 pm on the 4th and 5th of March at the Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre.

‘In the Name of the Bully’ dramatizes the story of Leo, an Anglo-Indian restaurateur in the twilight of his life, and his struggle to hold on to his identity while living in the rubble of his past. A phone call from his elder son sends him reeling back into the memory of a lost time shared with his ‘favourite’ son. The play foregrounds, through the enactment of this dysfunctional family, the generational struggles to break free from tradition – the negotiations and the failures. ‘In the Name of the Bully’ moves freely between different timeframes, blurring distinctions between past and present to reflect the inner turmoil of Leo’s mind: “As memories and perception collide in a deftly interwoven narrative with rapid jumps in time and place, the emotional cruelty which is the dominant tenor of the play never quite drowns out the small voice of compassion that, ultimately, lifts this play into the realm of the humane” (from the Jury Citation for The Hindu-MetroPlus Best Original Play Award, 2014).

Cast & Crew
Directors: Jyotsana Kala & Afreen Sen Chatterji
Prajesh Kashyap as Leo
Shivam Sharma as Tony
Shantnu Sharma as Francis
Chintamani A. Kinjavadekar as Abbas
Mahendra K. Meena as Boy
Sanyukta Nath as Nancy
Lights: Siraj Sharma & Vishwas Dhingra
Sounds: Samarth Surana
Production: Afreen Sen Chatterji

Show time & venue:
4th March, 7 pm, Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre
5th March, 7 pm, Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre

Tickets for Rs.200 available on the spot. To book them in advance contact Vrinda Kacker on +91 8527000551. For further details contact Afreen Sen Chatterji on +91 9711587455